Cyprus, an island that welcomes millions of tourists from all over the world every year, is a holiday center that stands out with its natural beauties, historical buildings and unique beaches on the Mediterranean coast. There are many destinations to visit in Northern Cyprus, including the capital Nicosia, Famagusta and Kyrenia.
Cyprus, which has hosted many civilizations throughout its history, has many prominent historical and touristic structures as a natural result of the coexistence of different cultures. Buildings covering a wide range from Gothic to Ottoman architecture are open to visitors at any time of the year. Cyprus, where there are many alternatives in terms of accommodation, offers a pleasant holiday experience.

Bellapais Monastery

St.Hillerion Castle

Salamis Ruins

Kyrenia Castle

Othello Castle Famagusta

Golden Beach

Golden Beach, which is one of the most beautiful beaches not only in Cyprus but also in the whole Mediterranean, is one of the most important places for the fame of the Karpaz region. This giant beach, which is kilometers long and consists of very fine golden yellow sand, is a beach preferred by the majority of the Caretta Caretta sea turtles in the Mediterranean to lay their eggs, with its calmness and untouchedness.
This region, where a donkey living only in Cyprus lives freely in herds, is especially green in March and April, and all fields are covered with yellow daisies, the harbinger of spring.
At the far end of the Karpaz cape, there is a monastery built in the name of one of the most important Christian Saints, Apostolos Andreas (St. Andrew). The story of this monastery, which is a very old historical building, is as follows;
St. Andreas, guiding the crew of the ship, who was crushed by thirst and sickness on a long ship voyage, came ashore by anchoring in a rocky part of this cape. On these rocks, where it is almost impossible to find fresh water, fresh water began to gush from the ground when St. Andreas touched a point with his stick. All the diseases of the crew who drank this water were cured, and the eyes of a blind person were opened.
It is said that the water flowing from the fountain here is good for various diseases. Hundreds of Greeks, who come here by buses from the Greek part of Cyprus every year on religious holidays, worship in this monastery and drink water from this fountain. This water, which is believed to be sacred and healing, is filled in bottles and cans and taken to their homes. In addition, they make votive offerings and make wishes by lighting candles in interesting ways to the church here.



Apostolos Andreas Monastery



Tourism, one of the two leading sectors in Northern Cyprus, is one of the cornerstones of the country’s economy. The most important factor in the growth of the sector is the natural beauties of the island and the fact that the air temperature is above 20 degrees Celsius for eight months.
As a result of the global economic crisis experienced in recent years and the European Casino sector’s postponement of its investments, this sector in northern Cyprus has developed faster than Europe and has become a frequent destination for foreign guests.
The fact that the pricing in the Northern Cyprus Tourism Sector is more advantageous than many other countries in a similar geography, the existence of Casino Management, the presence of natural beauties in the country, have enabled the ongoing large investments in the sector to continue exponentially. Hotel occupancy rates, which are over 65% on the yearly average, reach 100%, especially in the June-October periods.



Caretta Caretta

Northern Cyprus is an island that is home to the common sea turtle Caretta Caretta and the green sea turtle Chelonia Mydas, which are in the endangered species category.
Carettas are the most abundant female turtles in the Mediterranean and their number varies between two and three thousand. Green sea turtles are more local and spawn between 300 and 400 females from the coasts of Northern Cyprus and Turkey.
Golden Sands on the Karpaz cape and Alagadi beach on the west coast are places where four-legged vertebrates nest between May and September.
The best season to see the turtles laying their eggs is the end of June. The end of August or the beginning of September is also the season for hatching baby turtles.